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Skye of The Damned          Lead                        VampireFreaks and Silver Productions
Teamwork Like Wolves       Lead                  Nothing You've Ever Scene Productions 
The Interview                       Ensemble      Loaded Barrel Studios
4.48 Psychosis                     Ensemble                             Richard Omar
Perspective                          Lead                    Lauren Steinmeyer/Andrew Ibach


4.48 Psychosis                                     H                                     Richard Omar
The Happiness                                    Marina Oswald          Richard Omar


Into the Woods                                  Witch                             Theresa Nigus
I Never Saw Another Butterfly      Irena                              Theresa Nigus
The Ransom of Emily Jane              Emily Jane                     Theresa Nigus
Neil Simon’s Medea                          Medea                           Sean Green
Steel Magnolias                                  Shelby                           Theresa Nigus
42nd Street                                          Loraine                          Theresa Nigus
Harvey                                                  Nurse Kelly                   Theresa Nigus
Macbeth                                               Lady Macduff              Theresa Nigus



Height: 5'4

Weight: 105 lbs

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Black

VampireFreaks Models                  CandyLust.Org/VampireFreaks

The Windfire Series                          Silver Productions
Moon Over Manhattan                  Silver Productions


Training & Workshops

The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts: School of Film and Television
Graduate, 3- Year Program (Theatre/Film)
SCENE STUDY- Richard Omar; MEISNER- John Tyrell; ACTOR’S LAB- Ruth Nerken, Maury Ginsberg; VOICE- Rebecca Lingafelter, Sara Buffamanti, FILM GENRES- Pete Mattaliano; MOVEMENT- CONNIE ROTUNDA, BARRY McNabb; VOICEOVER- Ellen Archer; COMMERCIALS- Suzanne Hevner; IMPROV- Judith Searcy; PROCESS- Alan Rackham, Rawleigh Moreland

DIALECTS- English, Cockney, Irish, Russian, and Southern; Understands basic IPA

SINGING-Mezzo soprano

COMBAT- Basic Stage and Film combat;

SWORD FIGHTING (one and two handed)

Can drive (has license)

Good with animals and small children


Fantasy/Sci-fi Geek (Star Wars Nerd)


Crazy Cat Lady

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